How many calories are in your meals?

 One of our goals at 22 Days Nutrition is to get you out of the mindset of calorie counting and into the mindset of “what is healthy for me?” If your focus is on eating clean, healthy plant-based meals, you will notice that you feel completely satisfied after a meal and that your body weight will return to a weight that is good for you. This may mean losing some weight, staying the same weight or in some cases gaining weight.


All of our meals are designed to be a perfect balance of nutrients including vitamins, minerals and antioxidants so that you finish your meal feeling satiated and energized. Our goal is to deliver meals to you that boost your metabolism and leave you feeling alive!


With that being said, if you are still interested in the nutritional content, you’ll find that it is included on the package of each meal.

You can also find nutritional content on each of the A La Carte Meals. You can expect similar delicious meals in our weekly Meal Plans.

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